Blood Moon Earrings

Laurel Schwartz

Here are two pairs of earrings inspired by the lunar eclipse of January 31, 2018 which created the "Blood Moon", more orange than red, but I went with the red in keeping with the theme. One is called Blood Moon Halo, named after the rings that sometimes appear around the moon. The earring rings are made from mother of pearl; the moon rings are made from refracted ice crystals caused by cirrostratus clouds in winter. (I looked it up). Inside my halo are labradorite beads, feldspar crystals found in Labrador, Canada. This crystal reflects light, creating an iridescence, called labradorescence.

The other pair is called Blood Moon Trumpets. This pair is more mysterious with  red glass beads peering out from the trumpet, partially hidden by silver colored caps. You can see a skeleton head if you look closely. The trumpets and the dagger beads are stained with ghost-like light blue veins.


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